David Cook - I'm Alive on American Idol April 29 Lyrics + Video

David Cook - I'm Alive Performance on American Idol April 29 Lyrics + VideoAmerican Idol Top 5 finalist David Cook sings I'm Alive originally sung by Neil Diamond on his American Idol performances 4/29/2008 and 4/30/2008. Included below are the lyrics and youtube video clip of David Cook singing I'm Alive.

As for the judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell comments, check out the post on David Cook singing All I Really Need Is You.

David Cook - I'm Alive U-tube video clip April 29, 2008

David Cook - I'm Alive Lyrics April 29, 2008
Talk a walk
We can hardly breathe the air
Look around
Its a hard life everywhere
People talk but they never really care
On the street theres a feeling of dispair
Everyday theres a brand new baby born
Everyday theres a sun to keep you warm
When its alright
Yeah, its alright
Im alive
And I dont care much for words of doom
If its love you need
Well I got the room
Its a simple thing changed in me
When I found you
Im alive
Im alive
All I need is someone to share it with
I got love and love is all I really need to live
Im alive
Im alive

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