American Idol Final Two Performances on May 20, 2008

American Idol Final Two On May 20, 2008Now that Syesha Mercado was booted off during the recent American Idol elimination night, May 14 Wednesday - it's the battle between the two David's on American Idol Season 7 on 5/20/2008.

David Archuleta versus David Cook on American Idol Finals!!!

Who will win - will it be the 17 year old David or the 25 year old David? Personally - and also based from forums, polls, feedbacks, and performances - I think little David will win and be the seventh American Idol winner.

Since the contest is not over yet... anything might happen. Who knows?

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping Archuleta will win the title. It's because I honestly don't like Cook ;0 No offense meant...

David Archuleta on American Idol Finals
David Cook on American Idol Finals

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