David Archuleta - With You Video Clip + Lyrics

May 13 American Idol David Archuleta Sings With YouDavid Archuleta sings a song titled With You originally sung by Chris Brown on his American Idol Season 7 performance on Tuesday, 5/13/2008 (or 5/14/2008 in some areas). The hit sung by the contestant is his own personal choice.

As for the judges comments, Randy Jackson thought it wasn't the right song choice for him. Paula Abdul thought it was a great choice for him. Simon Cowell said it was like a Chihuahua trying to be a tiger because it was a little awkward.

You can see below the lyrics and video clips of David Archuleta performing With You.

David Archuleta - With You Video Clip 5-13-2008

David Archuleta - With You Lyrics
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