David Cook - Dream Big Video Clip + Lyrics May 20 Performance

American Idol Finals May 20 2008 David Cook Dream Big Video LyricsAmerican Idol Season 7 Final 2 David Cook sings Dream Big as the songwriter’s choice in his 5/20/2008 and 5/21/2008 American Idol finals performance. I like his version but it seems Simon did not like it at all. Watch the video clip below to find out why ;0 I was just wondering who originally sung this hit so I can make a comparison.

In case you are interested for the judges comments, here they are: Randy Jackson said that the song was just okay, but it was nice. Paula Abdul said people could fall in love with the song. Simon Cowell thought the end was okay and it didn't feel like a winning moment for him.

David Cook - Dream Big Youtube Video Clip

David Cook - Dream Big Lyrics
***Lyrics will follow...

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i thought people sent in original songs for them to sing? this isnt original????

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June 3, 2008 at 4:49 AM  

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