Gagambino - GMA7 Fantaserye

Gagambino - GMA7 FantaseryeGagambino is an upcoming fantaserye based on the graphic creation of Carlo J. Caparas to be aired in GMA-7 soon on September 2008. Gagambino is the Philippine version of the Hollywood movie Spiderman. Talaga lng ha... kaya naman kaya yong animation? Just a thought from my sassy mind ;0

GMA keeps the identity of who will play the lead role. But according to some sources, Dennis Trilio will play Gagambino. It was also stated in Wikipedia. My opinion? "Ok lang. But I am just hoping a new lead role will be chosen. Parang nakakasawa na rin kasi si Dennis ;(

Other creations of Carlo J. Caparas which were adapted to a TV series in GMA-7 were Bakekang, Kamandag and Joaquin Bordado.

Will you watch Gagambino in case Dennis will play the role? Just leave your comment ;0

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