PDA Season 2 First Probationary Scholars

PDA Season 2 1rst Probationary ScholarsPinoy Dream Academy Season 2 First Probation Night was held last night. Among the four bottom scholars (Bea Muñoz, Christian Alvear, Iñaki Ting, and Laarni Losala), two of them were concluded as the first probationary scholars and one might go home next week.

Laarni and Iñaki are this week’s probationary scholars. Christian was saved by the mentors while Bea was saved by the other scholars.

The fate of Laarni and Iñaki are now in the hands of the televiewers through SMS votes and the result will be announced on the next Gala Night. Vote now!!!

Laarni Losala Biography - PDA Season 2 ScholarInaki Ting Biography - PDA Season 2 Scholar

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