American Idol April 29 Performances

American Idol April 29 and April 30 PerformancesAnother American Idol Season 7 night. Tonight (April 29 or April 30 in some delayed countries), the remaining top five finalists sing the songs of Neil Diamond. Each of them sung two songs each.

In case you haven't watched their live performances yet, feel free to watch their video clips below. Check out their performances and decide who will be the next American Idol bottom three on 4/30/2008 elimination night. Who will be eliminated next? Will it be Syesha Mercado, as claimed by Simon Cowell?

Personally, I think I agree with Simon. It will be Syesha, the next to be eliminated on American Idol elimination results 4/30/2008.

American Idol Top 5 Performances
1. April 29: David Archuleta - America
April 29: David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline
2. April 29: David Cook - I'm Alive
April 29: David Cook - All I Really Need Is You
3. April 29: Brooke White - I Am I Said
April 29: Brooke White - I'm A Believer
4. April 29: Jason Castro - Forever In Blue Jeans
April 29: Jason Castro - September Morn
5. April 29: Syesha Mercado - Thank the Lord for the Night Time
April 29: Syesha Mercado - Hello Again

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